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Designed for the graduate who likes to display his or her documents as the order offers a superior level of quality that well exceeds the level of standard documents. Even though standard documents are printed with average quality, we incorporate a higher quality of printing to appear and look like the original.

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Contents Of The Order

Degree, Certificate or Award? Size 8 ½ 11
Documents Correct Size 2/Included
Course Certificate 1/Included
Transcripts, Score Sheet? 3/Included with order

Depending on the type of documents requested this order covers miss and match documents as it is meant for superior quality printed documents. Print Quality Parentage Compared To the Originals 98.6%

We understand that corporate professionals need the same level of quality as the originals as we offer an expensive means to replace the documents or redesign your documents or order with superior quality not found with any other sites or company. This package offers two degrees or certificates as we know some customers require a Bachelors Degree & Masters Degree as this applies to a BSc & MSc

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Contents of The Order.
Degree, Certificate or Award? Size 8 ½ 11, 10/13, 11/14

Documents Sizes 2/Included
Transcripts, Score Sheet? 6/Included with order
Letter of Recommendation 6/Included with order
Certified Letter of Attendance 6/Included with order
Course Certificate 1/Included
Diploma Cover 8 ½ 11 2/Included with order
We Print Best Quality Parentage Compared To the Originals 101%

Please note: We will need print details for each document. The time frame to complete would be same day as payment is received as the ETA would be 2-3 days in hand.


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